Mirboo Farm Garlic

At Mirboo Farm our planting for 2020 includes six varieties – drawn from five of the ‘Garlic families’ or clutivar groups grown in Australia.

Turban Group  (available early Dec)
We now focus on White Crookneck (silver medal in 2020 Australian Food Awards).  This turban has adapted well to our cool climate and is performing better than the traditional purple turban varieties (Monaro Purple etc).

Artichoke Group  (late December – long life)
Italian Late.  Continuing our planting.  Now into our fourth year.

Silverskin Group
Rose du Var.  Limited planting.  Year two of trial

Standard Purple Stripe Group
Dunganski.  Limited trial planting.  Year one of trial.

Creole Group  (from early January – 9 to 12 month life)
For seven years we have been refining our plantings of Spanish Roja and Rojo de Castro (both winning multiple Australian Food Award medals.
These varieties have strong, hot, long-lasting flavors.  They are mid sized and potent.

Our Methods

At Mirboo, we enjoy close to 1000cm of rainfall a year . . . .and (most years) when it doesn’t rain, it drips off the trees. However, in summer temperatures can often rise above 35 degrees Celsius for days on end.

We hand plant and tend our two 1,000 sq metre garlic plantations. Carefully formed beds are wrapped in weed gunnel (bio degradable cloth – a certified organic input) to minimise weed growth and retain soil warmth. Directly after harvest we plant a green manure crop, and add organic nutrients as required prior to  planting and throughout the growing season.

We are chemical free. We do not use pesticides or herbicides.

It all adds up to more delicious, healthy garlic.  And to a more delicious and healthy you!!!!