Mirboo Farm Garlic

At Mirboo Farm our planting for 2016 has a spread of four varieties – Red Italian, Monaro Purple and Spanish Roja and Rojo de Castro.  This follows the success of our garlic in the  RASV Fine Food Awards in which the Monaro Purple won a Silver Medal (2015) and the Rojo de Castro and Spanish Roja both won Gold (2016).

Red Italian and Monaro Purple are members of the ‘Turban’ family of cultivars ~ the name coming from the distinctive shape of these garlics.  The Turbans are large bulbs, with purple and red stripes on the skins. We plant in mid April and harvest in late November.

The ‘Spanish’ varieties (Rojo and Roja) are from the creole group of cultivars.  They produce smaller bulbs, with dark red skins on the cloves.  Intense long lasting flavours abound.  Creole garlics are typically planted later than the turbans (for us, this is May/June) and harvested in Dec / Jan. They have a real ‘heat’ and (if stored carefully) may last up to 9 months after harvest).

We continue to develop our ‘nursery’ plantings.  Our Foster Purple  (which won Silver in the 2016 Awards) will be planted for sale in 2017 and we will plant a second trial corp of locally sourced ‘Italian White’, a softneck garlic which has grown successfully in South Gippsland.

Our Methods

At Mirboo we enjoy close to 100cm of rainfall a year . . . .and (most years) when it doesn’t rain, it drips off the trees. However, in summer, temperatures can often rise above 35 degrees Celsius for days on end.

We hand plant, and hand weed our garlic plantation. In the summer, we add tonnes of pig manure, lime and organic compost, delivered in ten tonne truckloads from a neighbor’s farm. All the ‘good gear’ from the floor of the calf rearing shed comes over the hill from Mardan to Mirboo Farm.

We are chemical free. We do not use pesticides or herbicides of any type. And the mulch from the calf shed is 100% organic.

  Red Italian (hard neck)
   (Mirboo Farm Favorite since 2012)    


It all adds up to more delicious, healthy garlic.  And to a more delicious and healthy you!!!!