Welcome to Mirboo Farm, to the beauty of South Gippsland and to a superb range of garlic grown free of herbicides.

At Mirboo Farm,  Kirsten Jones has taken her passion for horticulture and her commitment to quality Australian-grown produce to cultivate a range of garlic in this outstanding farming land.

Latest News from Mirboo Farm :

Thank you to all who have purchased Mirboo Farm garlic this season.  Unfortunately, the SOLD OUT sign is on the gate.  We need to allocate a significant quantity of the 2017 harvest to seed for 2018 as we will require close to two tonnes for our garlic partnerships project.

In 2017 we conducted planting trials with farmers in Walkerville (by the Bass Strait coast) and in Nerrena (southern Strzelecki foothills). At Marapana Farm (Walkerville), garlic will grow alongside premium vineyards, sheep and cattle.  At Tanderra Farm (Nerrena), garlic will be the first of a range of cropping initiatives – which will entertain the cattle during the day.

Together we will grow Foster Purple and Monaro Purple (turban group), Italian White and Italian Late (artichoke group), Rojo de Castro and Spanish Rojah (creole group).  Garlic will be available on farm, online and through the new Meeniyan Garlic Warehouse which will open in late 2018.


In late November the Weekly Times announced its 2017 Shine Award results.  Kirsten and our daughter Felicity were one of six category winners in these national awards, which recognise outstanding contributions to rural communities by women in regional Australia.

SILVER in 2018
At the Australian Fine Food Award judging in February, Mirboo Farm Rojo de Castro was awarded a silver medal.  Only 4 gold and 8 silver medals were presented this year, so there is still much excitement at Mitboo Farm.

SILVER in 2015 and GOLD in 2016
Our ‘Monaro Purple’ garlic was awarded a Silver Medal in the RASV 2015 Fine Food Awards – being judged against garlic from across the country.  In February 2016, our Rojo de Castro and Spanish Rojah received Gold Medals and our Foster Purple was awarded a Silver Medal at the 2016 RASV Fine Food Awards.  Much excitement (still . . . much later) at Mirboo Farm.  Our 2016/17 crop had its challenges (and hundreds of happy customers) and we are very excited about the late 2017 harvest.





Many thanks to all who have purchased Mirboo Farm garlic.  We are happy to discuss forward orders for 2019 for seed and larger commercial orders with staged delivery programs.

Take a few minutes to learn a bit about Mirboo Farm, and the way we grow our garlic.  You are welcome to call us, or to send a query by email.